CheltenhamCreating beautiful tiled flooring for residential properties

The trend for current hard flooring surfaces in modern residential homes means that there is a greater use of tiled flooring. While this is certainly aesthetically pleasing, often creating beautiful, clean interior spaces, it poses potential problems for the structure and integrity of buildings. This then causes problems to architects and contractors for their clients’ properties.

Using Movement Joints and CI+ Anti-Crack Matting in residential properties

By incorporating movement joints into early design concepts, architects and contractors are given confidence that their clients will have seamless tiled flooring that will remain permanently crack-free.

Movement joints can be placed around the door openings thus concealing them from any open spaces. The infill can also be produced in any RAL colour to match the tiled flooring surface.

Movement Joints
– Designed to exceed BS5385
– Specified in any RAL colour
– Robust, durable and can cope with heavy stresses

CI+ Anti-Crack Matting
– Save time and money on your project, as it is quicker and cheaper than traditional methods of laying tiles

How we can help

We understand that architects and contractors are required to specify products that are fit for purpose and conform to building regulations. We provide high quality products together with competent advice and support, including product data, technical information, the latest British Standards legislation, product drawings and much more.

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