CheltenhamIncorporating Movement Joints into early design concepts

We understand the challenges of designing seamless tiled flooring for clients. Their specification may require beautiful aesthetics and a robust durability, to create a floor fit for purpose. By incorporating our Movement Joints into your design concepts early, it ensures your tiled flooring will remain crack-free for many years to come.

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In order for Movement Joints to be effective, they must be positioned directly above the sub floor void between each raft. However by considering the position of the sub floor movement joint at an early stage and designing it to fit your space, it means the surface movement joint can be well positioned and won’t spoil the aesthetics of your tiled flooring.

Our Movement Joints are designed to exceed BS5385 and can be specified in any RAL colour, meaning they will blend in to the surface tiling creating beautiful seamless flooring.

Judith Mawtus, Manager of Dural UK, recommends, “By incorporating decoupling matting and movement joints into early design concepts, architects and contractors are given confidence that their clients will have seamless tiled flooring that comply with certain aesthetic and functional standards to maintain a high customer experience.

All too often we have come across installations where movement joints weren’t considered, and as a result has lead to cracks in the surface tiles, costly repairs and disgruntled clients.”

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No matter how complex the application or flooring project we can provide the perfect solution, including both products and service. Our customers appreciate our highly competent advice and support they receive, which we deliver in a down-to-earth manner. We can provide technical information, the latest British Standards information, product drawings, design inspiration and much more.

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