Movement-Joints-should-not-intrude-on-designMovement Joints should not intrude on design

At Coloured Movement Joints we believe Movement Joints should not intrude on design

Performance is important and designers need the confidence that movement accommodation is certain. CMJ’s Performance Movement Joints provide certain protection on ceramic, porcelain and natural stone installations. They also offer the extra benefit of colour co-ordination. Movement joints don’t have to be obtrusive – but they do have to work.

CMJ’s Performance Movement Joints are the choice of designers of prestigious projects of all types. Ford, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo are among leading Automotive brands that have used our products in their showrooms and workshop areas. Retailers, leisure centres, restaurants and Airports are other areas where our products are frequently chosen for their durability and appearance.

Our manufacturing process allows small quantities of bespoke products to be produced. Width, height and colour can all be tailored to your needs.

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