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Coloured Movement Joints explains how its bespoke movement joints can be used to provide both protection and style to a range of hard flooring.

Coloured Movement Joints (CMJ) produces bespoke joints for hard flooring, natural stone and slate. The firm specialises in colour matching joints to the grout or the floor finish to create a stylish designer look and a seamless finish.

All hard flooring moves independently by expanding and contracting at different rates so it is a requirement for flooring installations to have movement joint protection. Movement joints are an effective way to protect ceramic and other hard floorcoverings from the stresses that cause cracking, tenting or popping on the surface.

Clients are often cautious of movement joints because they can appear obtrusive and spoil the aesthetic appearance of their carefully chosen floor. However, specifiers and installers know that movement joints need to be used to absorb the natural movements in the floor. Architects are required to specify products that are fit for purpose and conform to building regulations and installers have a duty to provide good advice and workmanship.

CMJ movement joints have been specified on a wide variety of projects including retail, commercial, transport, education, hotels, sport & leisure, prisons and even, most notably, the Olympic Village at London 2012.

Showroom stability

Major car brands including Ford, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagon have used CMJ movement joints to create a high class finish and a seamless designer look, which is a preferred finish in car showroom areas. Movement joints are also used in the workshop areas because of their ability to handle a wide range of loadings and their durability.

Movement joints are available in PVC, aluminium, stainless steel and brass. Unless cost is an overriding issue, the use of PVC profiles is not recommended. PVC profiles are a short-term solution and lack the durability that is required for tiled flooring, whereas aluminium based profiles adequately protect the majority of projects. Stainless steel profiles provide the greatest strength but are the least visible due to the manufacture and design of the profile.

Not only can CMJ movement joints cope with heavy stresses and distribute them evenly between the foundation and floor covering, they can also prevent conduction of noise from footfall and other bodies. Even floors subject to heavy stresses remain in better condition for longer when the correct movement joints are specified.

All CMJ movement joints are designed and manufactured to exceed the requirements of BS 5385 and can be used with slate, natural stone and ceramic tiled floors.

CMJ is able to provide technical advice and support, so no matter how complex the requirements, a solution can be met.

“Movement joints are an effective way to protect ceramic and other hard floorcoverings from the stresses that cause cracking, tenting or popping on the surface”

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