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Flooring Accessories specialist Coloured Movement Joints have been providing the perfect finish for all types of flooring since 1981, and still to this day, continually update their range of products and invent new and better solutions that are both technically and visually exciting.

Coloured Movement Joints is the choice of designers for prestigious projects including many leading automotive brands such as, Ford, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Marks and Spencer and the Olympic Village, all of whom have used Coloured Movement Joints Coloured Performance Movement Joints in their showrooms and workshop areas. Retailers, leisure centres, restaurants and airports are other areas where this product is frequently chosen for its durability and appearance. One advantage of this product is that they can cope with heavy stresses and distribute them evenly between the foundation and floor covering. At the same time, they soften noise from footfall and the passage of sound between floors. Any floor that is subjected to heavy stress will remain in better condition for longer when Coloured Movement Joints Movement Joint Profiles are specified.

All Coloured Movement Joints Performance Movement Joints are designed and manufactured to exceed the requirements of BS 5385 and can be used with Slate, Natural Stone and Ceramic tiled floors. The Coloured Movement Joints range is also supplemented by solutions and systems for sealing, drainage and insulation. The Basic-Line shower drainage system for example is a solution for a barrier free shower that provides a harmonious room design and easy access for the aged and or disabled. Not only does this system look stylish it can also cope with the volume of water produced by luxury showers. It is available in a range of designs and colours and for a seamless look tiles can be inserted to fit flush with the edge of the drain. This range is complemented by TI-Line, Tilux and Durabase Waterproofing.

Linear drains don’t have to be obtrusive but they do have to work, so Coloured Movement Joints also provides a variety of matting systems for drainage, insulation and sealing for indoor and outdoor locations. The Durabase Matting range makes it easier to install floors of all kinds, even on difficult surfaces like new “green” screed or wood. They also protect a new floor covering from moisture seeping from below, as well as preventing any horizontal movement in the subfloor being passed through into the tiling which would appear as cracks. The advantages are obvious; greater robustness and durability, not only in homes but also where floors have to take plenty of punishment such as schools, shopping centre’s and commercial buildings.

All of Coloured Movement Joints’s products are at the cutting edge of design including their Tredsafe Stair Nosing. The combination of Tredsafe and Diamondtred non-slip inserts is an advanced new concept for stairs, which ensures ultimate grip putting it way ahead of any international standards. Tredsafe Stair Nosing protection comes in 19 designs and 17 inset colours ranging from standard colours to Chevron and Night Glow.

Judith Mawtus, Manager of Coloured Movement Joints, said: “Even though we are not a family run business, we operate in a friendly and approachable manner and do not like to turn anyone away. We will sell you a single movement joint or thousands depending on your project. We are problem solvers, so if we do not have a product that works for you, we will design one. We pride ourselves in being professional and will do a site visit if needed.” Coloured Movement Joints also provides highly competent advice and support. No matter how complex the application, they always provide the perfect solution, including both products and service at the disposal of the specifier or installer.

“We are problem solvers, so if we do not have a product that works for you, we will design one.” – Judith Mawtus, Manager of Coloured Movement Joints

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