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Carleton Manor Park is an exclusive new housing development that offers luxurious family homes of the highest quality. In order to showcase the high-end, aspirational feel of the development, the showhome was proudly designed and created and all of the high quality products used throughout were carefully considered.

Dural UK’s CI+ Anti-Crack Matting, Micro Joint Infill and Durabase WP Waterproofing Membrane System were all used throughout the property to provide effective movement protection in the natural stone flooring.

A showhome with a wow factor

Located on the outskirts of Penrith, Carleton Manor Park is surrounded by natural beauty with the Lake District National Park a stone’s throw away. The developers, Cumbrian Homes, wanted to ensure the natural beauty remained integral in the design throughout the luxury homes in Carleton Manor Park.
Cumbrian Homes worked with local specialists Penrith Tile Centre, and effectively combined the natural stones and porcelains throughout the showhome to complement the surrounding area. The Tasman natural floor and wall tiles with plank effect look stunning in the main bathroom as they mimic the variability of natural wood.


In the kitchen and living areas of the property, Ca Pietra’s Astro Grey Marble tiles were used in an unpolished finish. The delicate, subtle tones of the tiles blend effortlessly with the beautiful, traditional kitchen cabinetry.

The high standard of finish and attention to detail is clearly evident in the beautiful showhome. It is important to consider the function as well as the form, and the practicality and durability of the stone tiled surfaces throughout. As with all hard flooring materials, they are prone to various forms of stress and strains over time e.g. expansion and contraction caused by underfloor heating systems, cracking, loosening and others. It is essential to protect the surface tiles to retain the aesthetics and integrity of the flooring.

Dural UK – specialists in protecting tiled flooring installations

Throughout the showhome, Dural’s CI+ Anti-Crack Matting was used, together with Tilemaster adhesives. It effectively decouples the surface layer of tiling from the subfloor beneath it, absorbing any stresses or movements caused by expansions or contractions. By doing this, it protects the tiles and prevents them from cracking or loosening.

Not only does the CI+ Matting benefit tiled flooring installations by protecting the tiles, but also helps as a time saving solution during the installation phase. It can be laid over the subfloor as soon as it is dry enough for a person to walk over, rather than traditional methods where subfloors need a substantial amount of time to fully dry. Air channels in the matting allow the subfloor rafts to continue to dry out in a controlled way by preventing the top layer of the screed drying quicker than the bottom. This slow drying period leads to a stronger subfloor.

Dural’s Micro Joint Infill was also used in the kitchen area to provide additional protection to the Astro Grey Marble tiles, and was supplied and colour matched to Grout 3000 Light Grey. The colour match enabled a seamless finish for the surface tiling.


Micro Joint Infill has been specially developed for tiled flooring installations which are laid over underfloor heating systems, particularly for residential developments. It provides effective movement protection for tiles and natural stone on heated floors. It means a tiled flooring installation with Micro Joint Infill used is able to effectively absorb the movement energy transferred from the subfloor, protecting the tiles from cracking and loosening.

Penrith Tile Centre applied the Micro Joint Infill into the grout lines in between the Astro Grey Marble tiles, carefully following the brick bond tile formation.

In the shower and wet areas within the showhome, Dural’s WP Durabase Waterproofing Membrane was used. It is the ideal product for waterproofing shower areas in preparation for tile installations. The Durabase membrane has excellent sealing properties and enabled a better adhesion when using the Tilemaster adhesives.


The Tasman natural floor and wall tiles, supplied by Marshalls, look stunning in the bathrooms throughout the showhome and are now protected by the Durabase WP Waterproofing Membrane.

Dural are proud to have worked with Penrith Tile Centre and Cumbrian Homes on the Carleton Manor Park Project, and there are plans to use the same high quality products in the rest of the 39 houses in the luxury development.

For more information on Dural Micro Joint Infill please contact our flooring experts on telephone 01924 360 110.

Further Information

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Cumbrian Homes – www.cumbrian-homes.co.uk

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