The Colour Movement Joint Linear Shower Drainage System range includes the TI-LINE and the ultra flat BASIC-LINE.

The TI-LINE is installed right alongside the wall for a flush, floor-level shower. This means that there are no details to spoil the overall impression of a level floor and no trip hazards when taking a shower. Installing the drainage channel alongside the wall means the shower floor only needs to have a gradient in one direction meaning there is no need for complex diagonal cuts on tiled or natural stone floors. TI-LINE consists solely of four components – (another benefit to make installation simple) and can be combined to fit any situation. With a variety of sizes, models, covers and drain fittings it can be tailored to the customer’s wishes. Large quantities of water can flow away quickly – and all to one side.

The BASIC-LINE is a solution for a barrier free shower and does not have to be fitted along side the shower wall. The ultra-flat drainage channel is only 55 mm high and is a considerable breakthrough in the design of shower floors with a low installation height. The special features of this Colour Movement Joint innovation include a remarkable drainage capacity of 0.58 l/s (DN 40) and a double safe odour-proof cover.

In new builds and particularly in renovation projects, BASIC-LINE proves its worth as a fast and straightforward drainage solution for tiled floor-level showers. Eight different visible length dimensions from 300 to 1150 mm with a frame height of 11 mm cater for differing individual wishes and structural requirements. The 60 mm wide drainage channel with a stainless steel designer grate is of high quality and is pleasant to the touch when barefoot.

As a further highlight, the “Square” polished stainless steel grate included in the complete set has a stylish chrome finish that matches all chrome-plated bathroom fittings.

As part of the overall drainage solutions package Colour Movement Joint also provide TILUX – a floor level shower board with a slight gradient towards a central drain which has a special eddy technique to remove the water efficiently. The drains come in various designs and finishes and are commonly used in fitness centres, hotels, hospitals, homes for the elderly and disabled and increasingly in private housing. Colour Movement Joint also provide DURABASE WP – waterproofing for walls and DURABASE sealing tape for matting junctions and sealing wall and corner junctions.

All of Colour Movement Joint’s Drainage Systems provide a harmonious room design and easy access for the elderly and disabled. Drains are available in a range of designs and colours and for a seamless look on the linear drainage systems tiles can be inserted to fit flush with the edge of the drain. Each system conforms to standards for both public and private locations. Not only do the Colour Movement Joint Linear Drainage Systems look stylish they can also cope with the volume of water produced by luxury showers.

Linear drains don’t have to be obtrusive but they do have to work.

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