Coloured Movement Joints Ltd provide a variety of matting systems for drainage, insulation and sealing for indoor and outdoor locations. The Durabase Matting range make it easier to install floors of all kinds, even on difficult surfaces like new “green” screed or wood, and they also protect the new floor covering from moisture seeping from below as well as preventing any horizontal movement in the subfloor being passed through into the tiling, which would appear as cracks. The advantages are obvious: greater robustness and durability, not only in homes but also where floors have to take plenty of punishment such as schools, shopping centre’s and commercial buildings.

DURABASE CI+ decoupling mats can be laid on any kind of heated screed subfloor without any impairment of the heating performance. It is also possible for electrical or hot water heating systems to be laid directly on top of CI+ matting. Heating pipes must be installed in accordance with the applicable specifications of the manufacturer. DURABASE CI+ is one part of the recommended installation onto heated screeds along with the use of movement joints laid in a maximum of 40 metres squared with the longest edge not being more than 8 metres in length.

The DURABASE CI+ mat has an installation height of approximately 3.0 mm. The mat is made of yellow polyethylene. The indented structure and laminated grid achieve a strong bond to thin-bed mortars. The material is elastic, rot proof and resistant to aggressive substances and liquids such as alkalis, solvents and oils. It is also highly impervious to water-vapor diffusion. DURABASE CI+ bridges cracks, decouples floor coverings from their substrates, and is suitable for producing seals bonded with floor tiles.

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