PVC based profiles

• Suitable for lightweight traffic only
• Provide protection from compressive and extensive movement
• They are the least expensive option
• Not good at protecting vulnerable tile edges from chipping
• If used in the wrong installations they are ineffective and can be aesthetically unacceptable

Metal based profiles

• Aluminium based profiles are the most commonly used because they provide excellent movement protection and good edge protection. They are suitable for heavy foot traffic and soft-wheeled transport – ideal for car showrooms.
• Stainless steel based profiles share the same benefit of movement accommodation as aluminium but have greatly increased strength allowing for greater load baring and other stress. They are ideal for use in workshops, factories and warehouses where hard wheeled traffic such as forklift trucks are used. Stainless steel is non corrosive which makes them ideal for areas where hazardous chemicals are present such as car work shop areas, and also food and drink production areas where vigorous cleaning takes place.
• Brass based profiles are rarely used but can be required for aesthetic reasons.

Our advice is that unless cost is an overriding issue we do not recommend the use of PVC profiles. They are a short-term solution and lack durability that is needed for tiled flooring. Using aluminium based profiles adequately protects the majority of projects. Stainless Steel profiles provide the greatest strength but are the least visible due to the manufacture and design of the profile.