Our infill of choice for our Movement Joint range is a special flexible Epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin has major advantages over synthetic rubber used in standard products.

In application it provides movement accommodation far in excess of that required by British, European and World wide standards.

It is a naturally anti bacteriological material and resists mould growth and contamination.

Produced with a Shore A hardness of approx. 45 it combines good durability to resist puncture and impact and flexibility. (The natural enemy of movement joints being the stiletto heel).

The flexibility of the material can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the project.

Our production method allows a high degree of variation in width, flexibility, depth and most importantly colour.

Without any premium in cost and with no minimum quantity requirement, our infill material allows us to produce bespoke movement joints for any size of project. This allows the movement accommodation to become either a feature within the floor or blend harmoniously with the floor surface. It is not unusual to receive requests for three or more colour choices within one project where the joint passes through differing fields of tiling.