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Benefits Of Using Micro Joint Infill

MicroJoints02● Provides discreet stress protection required in heated floor installation

● Colour matched for maximum discretion

● Tough and easy to clean, easy to replace should the worst happen

● Cost effective

How Micro Joints benefit your tiled flooring

Heated floors have become more effective and popular. Rigid hard floors must be protected from expansion and contraction. Tension and stress can be very damaging to the tiled surface. Micro Joint infills are an effective way of easing this situation. Traditional movement joints can be obtrusive and disruptive in the floor surface. Micro Joints easily replace the grout line between tiles as a perfect colour match.

● Effective stress relief for tile and natural stone on heated floors

● Unobtrusive and colour matched

● Combines with existing grout lines for a discreet appearance

● Can follow brick bond and opus pattern

● Micro Joint has an approximate 45 Shore A hardness rating when cured


Micro Joints must not be used as substitutes for structural movement joints.

The guide lines for this type of junction can be found within the British Standard 5383 and the Tile Associations various publications. Generally these joints comprise a central flexible section supported on both sides with metal profiles. They must be located directly in line with and over any pre-existing joints in the sub floor construction. If any such joints exist please consult our technical department before installing Micro Joints.


Micro Joint maintains the smooth uninterrupted surface of your floor.

Matched accurately to the colour of your choice, Micro Joint effectively blends into your floor surface whilst providing the required stress relief Modern Heated floors require for a long lasting beautiful performance.

Micro Joint is stress relief from thermal movement in rigid tiled surfaces. It is not suitable for use as a structural movement joint. If in any doubt please consult your floor installer or call our own technical department. Site visits are available Free Of Charge if required.

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How to Apply Micro Joint Infill