Movement Joints should not be considered as a load bearing component in a floor. The correct installation method requires them to be solidly embedded into the tile adhesive. Any voids in the adhesive bedding along the fixing flange are unacceptable.

Ideally the top edge of the profile should be 1 to 2mm below the edge of the tile. This creates a situation where the movement joint becomes a “stepping stone” for traffic over the junction. Any weight is absorbed through the metal profiles and transferred through the adhesive bed into the substrate.

In practical terms a rough guide is: –

Mainly Pedestrian load – Aluminiuim, stainless steel or brass
Shopping trolleys
Hard wheeled luggage
Car showrooms, retail environments.

Heavy wheeled traffic – Stainless steel or Brass
Fork lift trucks, Hard
Hard wheeled Pallet trucks
Hard castor tool trolleys
Motor repair workshops