Selecting the correct depth of profile

The correct choice of movement joint depth is vital for the longevity of the profile and project.

The aim is to select a profile height that will result in the installed joint being set slightly below the tile surface.

In common with all profile suppliers we observe the convention of quoting the internal height of the angle as the size required.

The reason to this is that the fixing flange which is approx. 1.5mm thick is embedded into the adhesive bed – usually around 3 – 4mm in depth.

For example, a 10mm tile plus adhesive bed gives an overall installation height of 13mm. A 10mm movement joint has an overall height of 11.5mm. When installed together the result is that the top edge of the profile is a perfect 1.5mm below the top surface of the tiles. This height difference prevents any impact damage.

Therefore when ordering for a specific tile thickness please select the same quoted size of movement joint.