A movement joint infill must achieve a balance between flexibility to absorb stresses within the floor and durability to resist degradation from traffic.

The standard width of our infill is a minimum of 6mm. This is required by BS 5385. In effect this narrow surface area is protected by the metal side profiles against all but the narrowest of impacts. Our experience is that a Shore A hardness of approx. 45 is ideal as the compromise between durability and flexibility. Our infill is strong enough to resist damage from Stilleto heels and our products have been used extensively in high traffic retail and transport facilities such as Airports and transport interchanges.

We can also supply wider or narrower joints as required. For the wider joints the width of the exposed joint would likely require the use of a different material for an infill.

We would suggest that in those circumstances we carry out a site survey to ascertain the likely loads and demands to be placed on the product.