29 Mar 2024 14:15

At Dural UK Ltd have recently worked on a project with Kirk Building and Carpentry. Kirk Building and Carpentry, offer a wide variety of services, and work to the highest standards of construction.

The client requested a step free transition from the house onto the patio area which then led to the garden. The patio is a sloped area running away from the house and has a difference of 60mm. It was imperative that the patio surface was levelled whilst retaining a sloped ground for drainage. There is a swing door that opens directly onto the patio and it was important that this incorporated no step at all to provide safety for children and also create a seamless inside out feel for the home. The porcelain tiles, measuring 120 x 60cm run throughout the inside area and continue outside which creates a wonderful feeling of space. The total area measures 40m2 and the patio has been layed in a ‘L’ shaped format. Dural recommended the use of Dural Flexibal Pedestal Supports for these large scale, heavy porcelain tiles. Each pedestal is able to support a huge 400kg!

The product used are as follows:

  • FB BA 1 Adjustable pedestal height range 46-62mm
  • FB BA 3 Adjustable pedestal height range 77-112mm
  • FB BA 5 Adjustable pedestal height range 133-165mm
  • Flexibal PM 20 Raising Piece 20 increase height of pedestal by 20mm
  • Flexibal TP 200 – Anti Slip Pads

By utilising 3 variable heights of Dural Flexibal Pedestals, the tiled surface was able to be levelled despite the ground below sloping, this was important for drainage away from the house. The large porcelain tiles are of course waterproof, giving a high shine finish. It was important that the pedestals would not slip with footfall and movement. In order to ensure the safety of these tiles, Dural provided Dural Flexibal Anti Slip Pads. These were placed below each pedestal. Dural offers a free site visit for projects like this. We are able to conduct a brief training session where we can demonstrate how to lay pedestals, ensuring that they are placed level and firm. We explained how the pedestal configuration works for large shiny tiles and  that there is a need for additional anti slip fixing.

FLEXIBAL supports are designed for the loose installation of ceramic or mineral patio tiles, decking boards and concrete tiles with a thickness of 20 mm and up. Load capacity is up to 400 kg per support and has very high stability. 

FLEXIBAL supports are for use anywhere you need. Suitable for panels as well as rectangular and square formats. Each pedestal is height adjustable 25 - 172 mm. 

They provide automatic tilt compensation up to +/- 5% for flat surfaces and are easy to  handle thanks to the modular design. Each pedestal has a slip-resistant, shock-absorbing support head. Dural also provides highly competent advice and support for any tiling project. No matter how complex the application they can provide the perfect solution, including both products and service.

If you would like further information regarding our FLEXIBAL Range, please telephone our UK head office on 01924 360110.