Here are some answers to questions about Joint profiles that we are asked on a regular basis!
We will keep adding FAQ's over time...

What is the difference between a Movement Joint profile and an Expansion Joint profile?

A Movement Joint profile is used to control a fissure. A fissure occurs where two rafts of concrete meet. An Expansion Joint is used to manage any structural movement.

In what circumstances would you need a Movement Joint profile?

A Movement Joint is used to detension the tiling surface. This prevents the tiles from tenting or popping. When correctly positioned, a Movement Joint prevents random cracking from occuring. Movement Joints are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

What is the minimum width space you need for a joint profile?

The minimum is 6mm of infill, the width of the profile is extra to this.

Can you use a Movement Joint profile or an Expansion Joint profile with Durabase Cl++?

Yes you can use a Movement Joint. On new screeds it must be installed on the subfloor and fully embedded in the adhesive, with the CI++ matting being laid over the fixing leg of the Movement Joints. If the subfloor is older than 2 months, the matting can be installed first, with the Movement Joints being installed on top of the matting. CI++ matting would need to be cut under where the Movement Joint sits to allow vertical and horizontal movement.

Can you seal a Movement or Expansion Joint?

Yes you can seal the joint profiles with Durabase WP or Cl++

What is the difference between thin-bed installation and thick-bed installation?

Thin-bed installation is when the tile is directly fixed to the subfloor with adhesive mortar. Thick-bed installation is when the tile is fixed to the mortar screed.

Do the profiles have different load performances?

Yes, Coloured Movement Joints are part of a more extensive range. Depending on which Movement Joint is selected, they range from light foot traffic to heavy, and cars to heavy load antiseismic for public buildings.

Can the profile joints be used horizontally and vertically?

Yes both a Movement Joint profile and an Expansion Joint profile can be used throughout the construction.

What is the lead time of a Coloured Movement Joint?

Depending on the quantity ordered it can be as little as 2-3 days from receipt of order and delivery to site.

I need a Movement Joint between two different depth of tile, is this possible?

Yes, we make the Movement Joints by hand in the UK. We are therefore able to have full control over the whole process and can accommodate asymmetric Movement Joints.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, you can order as little as 1 length of 2.45m in any material, size or colour from our range.