29 Mar 2024 13:21

The ‘architectural’ look remains to be a rising trend, thanks to some of our fave television shows. Large format tiles make it possible to replicate these dramatic looks in our own homes. Still on trend and here to stay!

Not only beautiful to look at but extra large tiles are also surprisingly practical. They offer an unfussy look, they are sleek and neat. Don’t forget the larger the tile the less grout, the less lines and the less interruptions throughout your modern design. More importantly, less cleaning!! Large scale tiles are surprisingly perfect for smaller spaces. Oversized tiles trick your eye into thinking the form is much bigger and creates a sense of scale that actually isn’t there, perfect for bathrooms.

Extra large tiles create a seamless look that is visually appealing, the no nonsense design is calming, however it is important that a professional install these giants. Not only will more cuts be needed but their inflexibility demands a flat surface for installation that a professional can achieve. Porcelain and ceramic are popular choices but of course you can choose concrete or even marble. Marble continues to be popular and never really falls out of fashion. Imagine pairing a beautiful marble effect tile with gold trims and joints.

A large format tile can be anything from 24” all the way up to 120”, a level floor is imperative. Large format tiles are often fitted in a brick bonded pattern but you can get more creative if your tiler is onboard!. It is of course important to install movement joints within your tile floor. A movement joint accommodates the natural expansion, contraction and shifting that takes place within a building. This constant shifting of materials is due to temperature changes, moisture, and structural settling. However new or old your property this movement will always be in existence and by including a movement joint in your flooring you can prevent your beautiful floor from cracking or popping.

A movement joint is an intentional interruption in a tile or expanse of floor. Hard flooring always expands and contracts so this is a must! Obviously these huge tiles are larger and heavier, making them more difficult to install and handle. If they are not installed properly they can crack and damage, bear in mind they can be expensive too.

In order to preserve the integrity of your design It is even possible to match your movement joints to any colour you wish. These trims can be bespoke to your floor choice. You can even send a sample of your floor and the trims will be colour matched exactly if you wish, the creative possibilities are endless!

Large scale tiles are contemporary, they allow for a high end look and give a sleek look that is easy to clean and maintain. These giant tiles are quicker to lay, and come in a huge range of colours and styles. It is important however to consider how you will get these into your property! Mixing up your pattern layout can achieve an exciting finish, even introducing various sizes can be interesting! A great tip for a beautiful uninterrupted space is perfectly matched grout and trims, think a flawless finish!