29 Mar 2024 13:53

As the trend for porcelain and ceramic tile increases with builders, designers, architects and homeowners so does the need for technical know-how and specialist care.

Tile is an extremely versatile material that can be multi surface and stand the test of time. Not only is it a sustainable choice but also a resilient one.

As we spend more and more time within our home, living and working, we are seeking materials that enhance our space, that bring a sense of calm and tranquillity. A large expanse of tile promotes a feeling of serenity.

Health and wellness are currently top of our priorities as homeowners and tile offers this component. The anti microbial and non allergenic properties of a hard floor is of benefit. Tiles do not allow odours, allergens, mould or bacteria to permeate. They contain no plastic, or elements that importantly can harm air quality or health.

Developments in technology have also allowed our tiles to look however we wish! Authentic wood finishes, stone, concrete, porcelain looks, all are possible. You can even colour match, texture or contrast your profiles!