29 May 2024 16:23

Daroco, a Parisian restaurant serving Italian food, situated in Soho has now opened. Reinch Architecture taking inspiration from the historical Renaissance movement is responsible for the flamboyant interior! The walls and ceiling are mirrored, tiled lavishly with mosaics, creating both a plush and ambient feel.


The level of detail is obviously challenging, and includes concealed doors, handmade tiles and circles of mosaics! Arctile provided the tiles and Dural were asked to supply the trim to complement such a complex project! The restaurant interior is enchanting, as you step in you are met with textures, colours, marble table tops, and luxurious brass fixtures. You certainly can't ignore the grand mirrored ceiling! Hundreds of painstakingly layered mosaic tiles, create a theatrical experience!


The project was complex. Dural supplied Z-Flex Curver and Natural Brass Flexible trims. The Z-Flex profile is available in many finishes and sizes and is formed to be able to cleverly accommodate shaping. They can be easily rounded and bent either curving inwards or outwards. These tile trims can be shaped and formed to fit archways, circular floors and curved areas. The smallest attainable radius depends on the material and the geometry of the profile so that there are no fixed values. The thinner the shell of the profile, the smaller the radius to which it can be bent. The edging profiles are of course protective in their function but also satisfy a highly demanding decorative brief. Here they make smooth joints and transitions, between the different colours and mosaic areas, creating artistic patterns. To ensure the curve is even, it is recommended that the Z-FLEX CURVER is used for bending the profiles. This is a tool that makes it possible to bend the profiles more accurately than is possible by hand with the minimum of effort. These profiles are manufactured from high quality solid brass. They provide a strong, seamless edge. The natural brass finish provides a high end, expensive finish which was perfect with the beautiful tiles chosen. They can be supplied in 2.5 metre lengths and a wide range of depths, from 3mm to 30mm. Suitable for both internal and external projects. They are recommended for areas with a heavy footfall and wear and tear, such as this restaurant.